The 300 Series compressor delivers powerful performance in a compact package.

• 98 CID Gas Compressor Frame

• Electric and Gas Driver Options – Up to 55 HP

• Ideal performance range from 100 to 350 MCF / D


98 CID Sertco Gas Compressor Frame

      • Billet aluminum CNC machined head
      • Liquid cooling allows for up to 12 compression ratios
      • 4 cylinder arrangement provides high flow capacity, low vibration and even distribution of rod & crankshaft loads
      • Rotating assembly constructed from standard off-the-shelf components reduces initial and overhaul cost and provides for excellent availability
      • Cast aluminum alloy piston with chromoly compression rings
      • Forged steel connecting rods
      • Low friction, aluminum, high conformability main and rod bearings
      • Hoerbiger 42RX valves with 0.079″ suction lift and 0.055″ discharge lift reduces valve velocities providing minimal losses
      • All metallic valves and piston rings increase compressor ratio capability beyond typical reciprocating compressors
      • Standard size Viton o-ring seals throughout
      • Low (9%) fixed clearance billet aircraft aluminum head design allows for valve inspection and replacement without removal of piping
      • All fasteners are grade 8, coated for corrosion resistance
      • Inexpensive automotive oils acceptable (no need for synthetic)
      • Internal shaft driven oil pump
      • Tolerant of limited impurities in the gas stream
        Standard size Viton o-ring seals throughout
      • Scrubber / Blowcase Manufactured by GSM
      • ASME carbon steel code stamp vessel
      • Combination scrubber/blowcase handling up to 30 BPD fluids
      • Mesh pad type elements (304SS) installed
      • High fluid level shut-down switch
      • Fluid level sight glasses
      • Automated dump valve system
      • Manual drain valve
      • Heat traced skirt section


 Performance Curves

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