Have you utilized the same package on the same site for more than 36 months?

If so, you are likely paying too much. As in 30% too much.


Flow rates decrease, line pressures fluctuate, everything at the well site changes with time – so should the compressor. Park Energy Services’s broad range of  packages ease optimization of wellhead and gathering compression systems. From 50 – 400 PSI discharge and 25 – 2,000 MCF/D, Park’s trailer mounted equipment is easily installed, started, and optimized.

Compare the Park 957 Package against a 3-stage Caterpillar/Ariel package in eastern Oklahoma. The Cat/Ariel unit had been out on location for more than 45 months – Park’s 900 Series unit saved the customer over $1,200 in LOE!

Cost per MCF Compare.001

Falling commodity prices challenge production companies to do more with less. Decreasing revenue requires a corresponding drop in Lease Operating Expense (LOE) to maintain economic operations.

Wellhead and production gathering compression expenses are often a significant portion of LOE and thus represent a large opportunity to contain incremental lifting costs.

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