Park Energy Services’ Optimization experts have the knowledge and skills to improve production, increase profitability, and extend the useful lives and recoverable reserves of properties. Our Operations staff specializes in field level optimization, because real enhancement requires more than one successful compressor test.


Our trailer mounted Sertco units provide powerful wellhead compression in a test-friendly package. Applying wellhead compression changes downhole and surface pressure profiles, allowing optimization of artificial lift methods such as beam pumps, electric submersible pumps, and plunger and gas lift systems.

Gas Well Deliquification – Lowering flowing tubing pressure prevents gathering system back pressure from hindering production, allowing the well to reach critical flow and unload water and condensate.

Vapor Recovery Decreasing Gas Rate

Synergistic Work with Plunger Lift Systems – Plunger flow period is increased by installing a compressor on the tubing to decrease gathering system back pressure effects. A fuel gas recycle system idles the compressor until flowing tubing pressure approaches gathering pressure.

Dual-Flow Low Pressure Gas Lift
When wellhead compression is installed on production tubing, flowing tubing pressure is continuously monitored. As pressure shifts, gas flow is redirected for optimum productivity.

Pumping Oil Well Optimization (Beam Pumps, ESPs, & Progressive Cavity Pumps) – Attaching a wellhead compressor to the casing valve increases in-flow performance and oil production by reducing annulus and bottom hole flowing pressure. 

Vapor Recovery Process


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